Hello abode lovers, well... I did it! I had that sweet baby and my life has completely changed in every way possible. I am so in love- crazy love. There's nothing like having a baby... everyone told me what it would be like, but there's no way to know how much it affects and changes you until it happens. Lochlan is doing so well and I am doing the best I can to sleep and stay fed... life sure changes when you bring home a newborn!

My birth story starts in the hospital, where I left all of you with my last post. I was getting a pre-induction with the "balloon" to work on dilating a bit more before the actual induction-- some of you commented that you got to experience this lovely tool... it hurt, BUT it worked for me! We went in at 4pm on Wednesday, July 24th and Mister Husband and I were supposed to sleep at the hospital to give the balloon it's best shot, instead we stayed awake talking and being nervous.  I'll spare all of the details, but after an hour of painful contractions and tears (followed by a shot of Nubain to ease the pain) and a LOT of fear for what was coming... my body did what it was supposed to. I got about 45 minutes of sleep and was awoke around 4:30am by the nurse telling me that I needed to be checked... I was at 5cm! The blasted balloon worked, I couldn't have been more thrilled and relieved. I was under the impression since before I was pregnant that it would be very likely that I would have to have a c-section due to some scar tissue on my cervix, so the fact that the balloon worked felt like a major miracle. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better birth story.

By 6 am my awesome doctor came in and broke my water, that was also quite the experience, thank goodness it was quick, because that too was painful! I got started on pitocin immediately and then followed up with an epidural. That epidural was the bomb. I tell you what, it was lovely and warm and tingly and amazing. I didn't feel any pain after having my water broke. My two amazing nurses and doctor all thought that we should expect Lochlan to come into the world around 2:30 or 3pm... well, Lochlan had other plans. About an hour or so after getting the pitocin I got to 8cm... and then an hour or so later I was ready to push. I had told my nurse that I was feeling a really odd sensation and that I wanted her to check me... everyone that was in the room was in disbelief that I could already be at 10cm! Thank goodness I got the epidural so early, if I would have waited I probably wouldn't have been able to get it! Mister Husband and I couldn't believe it when the nurses said it was time to push, we thought we would have HOURS to prepare mentally and physically for this baby-- I think we both expected to take a nap before we met our son! Instead, Mister Husband and I prepared ourselves for this miracle... he held my hand and I pushed for about 5 minutes-- then the nurse told me to STOP! She said we had to get the doctor in there ASAP, and that this baby was coming NOW... holy cow. I swear, it was the most amazing thing-- my doc came running in, literally, and I pushed for another 5 minutes... and then he was here. My perfect, beautiful baby Lochlan was taking his first breathes and screaming like a champ. I was completely overwhelmed and so surprised that he bounded into the world so quickly. About 10 minutes of pushing total and my baby was here... it was a miracle. It was also only 10:58am, hours before we thought we could expect our little lad. Life is good, God is good, we are so very, very blessed.

Here is Mister Husband and myself, SUPER PREGNANT, and leaving for the hospital...

Getting settled in for the night... 

I know this photo is blurry, but it captures our sleeping arrangement so well... I tried to talk Mister Husband into climbing into my bed to go to sleep... but he wouldn't do it. I think they should make those beds bigger to accommodate the husbands, I wanted to have one more night of spooning before we were a family of 3! 

Here we are the next morning, and I'm getting ready to PUSH! Do you see the nurse prepping Lochlan's little station? That's when things started to feel really real... I did my best not to cry through the entire experience, but it was hard! I don't think I've ever been more emotional-- I was so excited, scared, nervous, thankful, you name it, I was feeling it!

and there he is... 

here we are meeting our perfect, beautiful son for the first time...

...so happy I could burst! 

Mister Husband was amazing through the entire experience, calm and super sweet. He knew just what I needed to hear, thank God for this man!

I mean, abode lovers... look at my perfect baby! I think this is the best DIY so far... Lochlan Patterson is the yummiest little baby I've ever laid eyes on. 

Here is Lochlan with his twin cousin, Lottie-Monroe that was due 8 days before him! She was around 2 weeks old when she came to meet her cousin, Lochlan in the hospital! I love that she climbed into his little box to take a nap with him! Having a baby with your sister is so fun, a bit stressful, but the most amazing gift ever!

And here is Lochlan with his best friend, Gray from The Good Stuff... they really hit it off, obviously. 

Here we are getting ready to head home to the abode! I really didn't want to leave the little bubble of living in the hospital, I was really enjoying the experience and didn't want it to come to an end!

Mister Husband and I getting Lochlan ready for his ride home. It takes two when you're new parents!

The all powerful SuperMom... she was in full force that week... super, super, SUPERmom! 

My darling little angel, all bundled up and on his way to the abode. 

Thank you all so much for your well wishes, thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to share more and more of this little lad with all of you-- he is perfection! I will be sharing the source list for Lochlan's nursery this week, so check in a bit later! I hope all of you have a great Monday!