Hello abode lovers! I know, it's been forever... I have been busy being pregnant and super lazy. I'm officially at the hospital, that's right, I'm blogging from my hospital bed and literally having contractions while I type. Mister Husband and I checked in this afternoon to get the ball rolling... there are some interesting things going on with a balloon as we speak, I'm not sure how much I want or need to go into that... but, it's happening y'all, it's really happening. I don't know how so many women do this and then act like it's totally natural and normal, this is insane abode lovers... amazing and insane. 

Anyway, I've been super busy in preparation for this baby, I tell you what, nesting is REAL! Today I am so excited to reveal my son, Lochlan's irish hunt nursery! It's been a labor of love, with a TON of help from my Super Mom-- I. Just. Love. It!!!! I am so nervous but super excited to welcome our first baby into this crazy world. I'm sure his first thought upon his arrival will be, "so mom, where's my super fab nursery that I've been hearing you yap about for months?!?" and I'll be all, "oh just WAIT until you see it babe, it's amaze." Mister Husband would totally not approve of this imaginary convo, but that's just how I see it going...  

I shared the inspiration board HERE, and now you can see it in the flesh. Oh, I'm so in love y'all. 

The nursery is in our old office (which has been moved upstairs to the Man Mountain, more on that later!) It's a small space, but it's the closest room to our master bedroom and I think it's the perfect size for our little lad! 

The entire nursery centered around this custom made fabric that I used as wallpaper. I have always adored the Lady of the Manor wallpaper that Anthropologie USED to sell.... I was CRUSHED when they stopped selling it as soon as I got pregnant! After making countless calls and being very disappointed, my Super Mom (hence the name) told me that I should make my own version, print it on fabric and use liquid starch to stick that stuff to the walls! It's better than my inspiration but has the same feel as the original Lady of the Manor wallpaper. My Super Mom drew every little animal, Spoonflower printed the fabric, and Super Mom spent HOURS hanging it while I hung out and kept her company. I tell you what, that is a HARD job and I wouldn't suggest it to anyone who's not fearless and incredibly patient. Aren't y'all jealous that she's not YOUR Super Mom?!? To check out the Lady of the Manor wallpaper refer to my post a few months ago.

I painted the clover piece that hangs in the center of Lochlan's gallery wall. I figured that he needed an original Laurel Dawn of his own! If you'd like to have a Clovers for Lochlan print, you're in luck, I'll be selling them soon!



So what do you think? Will our little lad, Lochlan, like his space? I can't wait to share more details and Lochlan's first days in the world- it won't be long now! Thank you abode lovers for being so awesome and giving me a nice maternity break from blogging, I promise I'll be back more regularly over the next few weeks and beyond!