Hello abode lovers! Today I am sharing Lochlan Patterson's newborn photo session with Holland Williams. She's the bomb, she's a super sweet friend that took a TON of photos for us (and spent a TON of time at the abode doing it!) When sweet Holland came over I was in tears over who knows what... hormones, I swear. Anyway, she completely calmed me... she's precious and I'm lucky to call her a friend! Thank you so much Holland for these beautiful photos! (And for dealing with the most crazy, hormonal version of myself I have ever known.... I mean, it made the 7th grade version of  myself seem sane... it was that bad.) 

Here are a few (okay, a lot) of my favorite shots from that day... enjoy drooling over my perfect little lad.

Now... this is SUPER special. General Dad MADE this cradle. Yes, that's right. Shed a tear, I know you want to! My amazing SuperMom made the bedding... that's right, she dyed the linen herself and stitched that beautiful bedding by hand. We were inspired by the boucle cloud bedding from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child, I think my mom's version is even better! My parents are pretty much the most talented duo ever- I am so lucky to have them! (and so is Lochlan obviously!) Lochlan has been sleeping in this cradle in our bedroom... he'll move into his crib when he gets a bit older. 

General Dad made a cradle for my mom's first baby and all 5 of us kids slept in it when we were babies. They stored the cradle in my room growing up and I kept all of my baby dolls inside. There's nothing more special than this cradle-- it takes me back to playing "mommy" all those years ago. 

This blanket was lovingly stitched by Lochlan's great aunt... I LOVE it. 


For some of my avid abode lovers, yes, that is new bedding and no, I have not blogged about it yet but will soon! 

I thought Mister Husband was pretty off the charts good looking until I saw him holding our son... talk about a whole new kind of handsome, wowza. I sure do love these two guys!

This photo is one of my favorites, I love that my little lad's eyes are open and that he's got my hair wrapped around his fingers... precious. 

This was certainly the shot of the day- Holland, you rock. I tell you what, we were hovering over these dogs like you wouldn't believe to get this photo. SuperMom, Mister Husand and myself were all inches away just in case the dogs got weird-- but all was good and I'm pretty much in love with this photo!

I hope all of you abode lovers out there have an amazing college football/Labor Day weekend! Mister Husband and I will be introducing Lochlan to the amazingness that is Auburn Football... we just know that he's going to love it. War Eagle Y'all!